Look for these shows on your public access cable station:

Why the US can't Get out of the Arab World: a talk by Elias Rashmawi: A detailed iscussion about the strategic, economic, historical and geographical significance of Northern Africa and Western Asia and why U.S. Imperialism needs to control it in order to maintain hegemony. It explains how the Right of Return and Arab nationalism are big stumbling blocks to imperialist plans. © 2004

PRESIDENT ARISTIDE SPEAKS: Against a background of passionate protest by Haitians in the diaspora, a group of activists from the International Action Center and Haiti Progres went to the Central African Republic to speak to President Aristide and the First Lady, Mildred Aristide. This is the first video statement by Pres. Aristide since he was kidnapped from Haiti. © 2004

The Laborers of Freehold: Scenes from the resistance of Latino immigrant labor against the repression of the mayor and police force and their demand for full legitimacy. A speech by the leader of the immigrant struggle in Freehold. Interviews with Gavrielle Gemma who gives the history of their struggle and talks by Teresa Gutierrez about the history of the immigrant struggle for equality and legitimacy. © 2004


ActivistNews on cable/ radio/ and webstreaming:

June/July 2003

First Segment: A talk by Dave Daniels of Friends of Zimbabwe: the history of Zimbaabwe's liberation struggle, the land question and US interests. Click Here to Play

Second Segment: The story of the police killings of Alberta Spruill and Ismail Zongo and community reaction from the Harlem to Palestine. Click Here to Play

Third Segment: Irma Gonzalez, daughter of Rene Gonzalez one of the Cuban 5, talks about her father and addresses the youth of the United States. interview by Sally O'Brien. Click Here to Play

Fourth Segment: Activist News displays images of war and occupation that the corporate media won't give you. Sara Flounders gives an analysis of the media as a crucial weapon in the ongoing struggle. Click Here to Play

Activist News is a half-hour radio/internet/cable NewsMagazine produced by the Activist Information Collective.

All On Cable Access Stations in cities around the country; check local listings

The Struggle Continues:

In New York City, Manhattan: Channel 34, Public Access: Saturday night at 5PM. In New York City, Manhattan: Channel 34, Sunday night at 7:00 PM. In Brooklyn: Thursday evening at 10:30 on Channels 34 and 67.

Also look for "The Struggle Continues" in your city. Call your local cable access office for more information

Speak Truth to Power/Socialism:

In New York City, Manhattan: Channel 16, Public Access: Sunday nights at 9:30 PM and Wednesdays, 4:30PM, Ch 16.

Also look for "Speak Truth to Power/Socialism" in your city/boro. Call your local cable access office for more information


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